ExtJS 6 interface for Lino

This is the documentation tree for lino_openui5.

The SAP Open Ui5 user interface for Lino

The central project homepage is http://openui5.lino-framework.org/

How to try it:

  • Install some Lino application as explained in Installing a Lino developer environment.

  • In your local Site class (defined in your settings.py file), set set the default_ui attribute to lino_openui5.extjs and override the get_apps_modifiers() so that it removes the tinymce plugin:

    class Site(Site):
        default_ui = 'lino_openui.openui5'
        def get_apps_modifiers(self, **kw):
            kw = super(Site, self).get_apps_modifiers(**kw)
            # remove tinymce plugin
            return kw
  • Run collectstatic:

    $ python manage.py collectstatic